The Nitrogen Generator Unit

  As we all know, DENAIR is specialized in producing all types of air compressors, mining equipment and iwc replica watches after treatment equipment, but now, besides stable supply of air compressor and other related equipments, DENAIR can also supply Nitrogen Generator Unit to customer.

  The Nitrogen Generator Unit is made up of DENAIR air compressor, air treatment system (air filters, air dryer), nitrogen production membrane, nitrogen booster etc, the key part of membrane is Generon brand. If the electrical supply is not available for our customers, the complete system can also be driven all by diesel engine.

  As we have cooperated with a professional nitrogen generation company SMC for a very long time, which is the iwc replica subsidiary of IGS Group in U.S.A. Moreover, DENAIR air compressors worked perfectly with the IGS nitrogen production equipment in different projects of domestic and overseas market. The following picture shows the working site of activation in oil well.

  The left in blue machines are nitrogen production membrane system, and the top right corner in yellow shows DENAIR compressors, and you can see, the complete system combines perfectly.