Rwanda is a country in eastern Africa, the full name of the Republic of iwc watches  Rwanda, iwc replica watches located south of the equator in East Africa, inland country. East of Tanzania, south to Burundi,west and northwest of the Congo (DRC) at the junction of the North and the Ugandan border, covers an area of 26,338 square kilometers. Territory is swiss replica watches mountainous, there appellation "thousands hill country". Rwanda deposits of tin, tungsten, niobium, tantalum, beryl, and gold.

  Tungsten is one of the priority development of minerals in Rwanda. Niya Ka Bangor tungsten mine is Africa's largest tungsten mine. 2011 mine production of tungsten Rwanda nearly 1,200 tons.

  In the Tungsten mining process, due to backward technology, mining slower, in order to ensure exploitation, so the selection of mining machine performance needs to be able to work long hours of non-stop performance. In terms of selection compressor requires hard texture, wear-resistant, high temperature air compressor equipment. In response to these requirements, DENAIR technical staff to equip them with special air compressor technical improvements made to apply to 2000 meters altitude environment, 24 hours of continuous work.

  Rwanda customers choose DENAIR

air compressor

  DENAIR 2 units DA-175GA compressor settled Rwanda,customer very recognition the quality of DENAIR compressor, this is the second collaboration, the customer said: "The last time purchased machine is  very stable, 24 hours of continuous work with no fault, performance is very good. "
air compressor
  The old customers show the passion to DENAIR, he like our old brother.
air compressor
  Rwanda customer said to DENAIR engineer: "Your machine is very stable, service is very good, I hope next time can cooperate again." It also introduced a number of other local companies, form a very good friendly relations.

  DENAIR screw compressor with its high performance, cost-effective, used in various industries, and get the industry high praise.

  Screw Compressors Features:

  1.The real original host system

  2.Standard host configuration, low speed

  3.Unique cooling flow field design

  4.System Design

  5.Intelligent Control System

  6.High quality intake valve