Reduce the safety accident frequency of portable air compressor


  Many users  often overlooked a lot of problems in the process of portable air compressor use, which led to the occurrence of accidents, DENAIR summed up a few points to reduce the number of mobile air compressor safety accident frequency measures, hoping to help you.

  1, Regular maintenance of mobile air compressor equipment. many users often in order to save the cost of maintenance , so that the device has a lot of security risks.

  2, Strictly follow the operation procedures. Before the appointment must be professional training,  and after the training, it is important to  operate equipment after operator pass test.

  3, Strengthen the safety awareness of the operator. Safety awareness is very important to strengthen the operator's own careful degree.

  4,  Manufacturers to do a good job in strict control. Equipment on a small part,It is likely to be the cause of the accident,   manufacturers to sell portable air compressor, we must do a good job quality control.

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