portable air compressor lubricant oil instructions


  For the portable air compressor with oil, lubricating oil is indispensable, a device lubricating oil too much or too little, can also cause machine series of failure.

  The basic task of the portable air compressor lubrication oil:  let the lubricating oil in liquid layer  between the relative friction table machine (film), is used to reduce friction losses,portable air compressor lubricant oil reduce the power consumption of friction surface,portable air compressor lubricant oil also the cooling mechanism friction surface, sealing the role of compressed gas working volume. In addition, the portable compressor lubricants and absorb noise, cleaning cleaning, rust corrosion, shock absorption, etc. Secondary role.

  The choice of portable air compressor mainly depends on the portable air compressor structure, exhaust temperature, compressed gas composition  and exhaust pressure and other factors.

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