Training About how to become one gorgeous air compressor sales engineer


     How to become one gorgeous air compressor sales engineer? It’s more difficult than how to become a good person because as a sales, you should know everything including how to become a kind and friendly person, and also know a lot of knowledge about what you are selling, and so on.


   Detailed feature are listed here:


   1. Know a lot of air compressor technology, how to test, install, troubleshooting about air compressor,     how to promote air compressor, how to guide customer to accept our air compressor


 2. Keep in track of customer in time, the email content should be complete, and also make full use of online chatting tool such as Skype, Wechat and What’s App.


  3. Continue studying and innovating, only if we keep studying everyday and improve everyday, we will be always stronger than anyone else


   DENAIR always hold the training every week, DENAIR worker is always improving.

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