Why we Should use Variable frequency air compressor?


  Nowadays energy saving and environment friendly is more and more be concern, for air compressor is also more and more popular for save using cost and protect environment.

  Compare with standard type, VSD(Variable speed drive)air compressor technology could automatically adjusts the rotate speed of the motor according to the volume demand, reduce the system pressure can make the entire production to reduce energy saving costs.

  The cost of power consumption accounts for 70% or more of all costs during the operation. The electric charges of running air compressor accounts for more than 40% of the all electric charges in the factory. The requirements of compressed air has fluctuation in different time,rmskull usually the range of fluctuation about 40% to 80%. Through VSD   air compressor technology, the compressed air can meet the use`s requirement exactly.

  When the use needs less air delivery, variable frequency air compressor will reduce the capacity and reduce the power consumption at the same time.

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