DENAIR obtained 5 national patents again at the beginning of 2016


  Scientific research and technology is productivity, if any company can not afford to continuous innovation, his market share will gradually decline. In 2015 DENAIR annual turnover growth of 31.53%, which is relying on DENAIR constant innovation and hard work, in 2015,DENAIR got total of 17 national patents, has played a positive role in guiding and promoting on increasing impact and enhancing scientific and technological innovation.

  February 14, 2016, after the State Intellectual Property Office of Audit, DENAIR Air Compressor Manufacturing Cartier replica  (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. self-developed air compressor products have obtained five utility model patents again.

  Screw air compressor stop oil off device, patent: ZL 2015 2 0839381.2,   Authorization proclamation Feb 14th, 2016.

  Voltage stabilization, patent ZL 2015 2 0839661.3, Authorization proclamation Feb 14th, 2016.

  Motor inner radiation device,patent: ZL 2015 2 0839627.6, Authorization proclamation Feb 14th, 2016.

  Heat negative pressure valve,patent: ZL 2015 2 0827082.7, Authorization proclamation Feb 14th, 2016.

  Fluid diversion block, patent: ZL 2015 2 0829352.8, Authorization proclamation Feb 14th, 2016.

  2016 is the year of reform and innovation, 2016 is a year full of challenges and opportunities, DENAIR will do the best on brand innovation and quality service to every customer in new year.