The Philippine customers visited DENAIR Air Compressor Factory


  Data: March 6th, 2016
  Country: The Philippines
  Place: DENAIR factory
  Person: Buyer party: Project manager, Project engineer
  Supplier party: English rolex replica sales engineer Lena&Rainbow,  Air
  compressor Engineer Manager Mr. Liu
  Machine: Oil lubricated air compressor
  Event: Customers are from the Philippines,  their major market is Philippines’ shipyard.
  Before they visited DENAIR Air Compressor factory, they heard a lot from their
  customers, they were surprised why DENAIR has so big reputation in Philippines, so
  decided to visit DENAIR Air Compressor factory.
  During the visiting, they checked the quality of oil injected air compressor, oil free
  air compressor, portable air compressor and so on, they were satisfied at DENAIR
  quality, and decide to promote DENAIR Air Compressors in Philippines Shipyard.

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