DENAIR Water-Lubricant Oil Free Air Compressor


    In DENAIR group, oil free air compressor can be devided into 3 types, they are Water lubricant type, dry type and scroll type.

    The Water lubricant range from 7.5-250KW, they are all Single Screw air compressor.

    One Screw with two star wheel.

    The advantages of water lubricanted oil free air compressor is:

    1. Oil free, no any oil  and instead by water;

    2. Lower cost than Double Screw Oil Free Air Compressor;

    3. Reasonable Structure, with perfect balancing;

    4. The ideal isothermal compression;

    5. Low noise and shaking/vibriation.

    This type air compressor mainly use in like  food factory, and another high compressed air requirement industrial.

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oil free air compressor