DENAIR Portable Air Compressor Detailed Introduction


  As a professional person in compressor industry, we all know the compression element is screw compressor’s heart. The following I’ll let you know more about DENAIR portable air compressor configuration, especially DENAIR’s compressor element.

  1. Compression Element

  1.1 Screw air end:Stable Performance ,Reliable.
  1.2 Shape lines: the latest generation of asymmetric tooth design 5:6, tooth gap between small, so small return loss.
  1.3 Production:The rotor are precision grinding processing, processing accuracy  of 0.005 mm; rolex replica The rotor by the dynamic and static balance test, run more smoothly, less vibration, lower noise and longer service life.

  2.Diesel engine

  1.Air intake system, exhaust gas turbo, adopted improved performance.
  2.Euro Ⅱ emission standard, high-performance oil pump, fuel consumption is low.
  3.The overall structure is compact, beautiful and generous.
  4.After-sales service network covering the whole country, the user can get quick and complete service.
  The portable air compressor has many kinds parts to compose, I just introduce the two main components, compression element and diesel engine for your reference.
  Hope there can help you to learn more about DENAIR air compressor.