DENAIR Factory Training in March


  Many large and famous companies have a sound mechanism for training, so does DENAIR  in the compressor industry. In order to keep progress and innovation, there are 4 training for all staff, and factory training on compressor is included.

  From 7th to 12th March, 2016, partial after sales engineers and sales engineers get training in DENAIR factory in Shanghai, the training includes compressor technology and after sales service.

denair factory

  The technology training is aimed at help trainees to get better understanding of different compressors and after treatment equipment, products include oil-injected screw air compressor, permanent magnetic variable frequency screw air compressor (energy saving up to 97%), oil free screw air compressor, low pressure screw air compressor, high pressure  air compressor, diesel portable screw air compressor, compressed air treatment products like air dryer, air filters, and air receiver tank.

  At the same time, there is also after sales service training to put theory into practice, with omega replica training for installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, etc. Which will help after sales engineers be familiar with service in working site.

  In a word, DENAIR compressor is constantly improving its own value and sharing it with the customers and staff.

denair training