Deference between direct and belt driven


Direct driven air compressor must be better than belt driven air compressor  based on the same power? I don’t think so. Here I have 3 reasons for your reference.

Firstly, Our nominal air compressor power refers to rated power. But when we judge one air compressor’s energy saving, we see its specific power which is also named as shaft power. Shaft power is that rated power divides by air flow capacity. For example, 22kw 3m3/min 8bar direct driven air compressor and 22kw 3.2m3/min 8bar belt driven air iwc replica compressor. Because 22/3>22/3.2, we could say belt driven type is more energy efficient.

Secondly, everyone knows that noise is decided by rotation, lower rotation, lower noise.  Direct driven air compressor’s rotation is a fixed value, but belt driven air compressor’s rotation could be changed by belt wheel’s size. In condition of the same motor, we could increase air end’s belt wheel diameter in order to lower one machine’s rotation. So maybe belt driven type has lower noise.

Finally, the last not the least, Once direct driven air compressor’s shaft is broken, it takes us a lot of expense and energy to fix it. But if belt driven type has problem with the belt, we could change one very easily. And its cost is very low. Only you need to change it once 4000 hours.

I hope now you could have a comprehensive understanding between them. Don’t judge one product only by price. Price is not the key factor. Every factory can sell cheap goods, but not every factory can sell high quality goods with favorable price.

I think our Denair air compressor will be your best choice.